Clockwork O-Ringen 2021An orienteering experience centered around Glasgow's subway

Posted: Wed 28 Jul 2021

O-Ringen is the world's largest orienteering event, in the form of a five-day competition. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, O-Ringen is cancelled this year, so instead, take part in STAG's version at home, centered around Glasgow's world famous subway known as the Clockwork Orange. Each course starts and finishes at a subway station, so it is easy to get to and from; after five days, you will have run around the entire subway line. Between the stations, you have to visit a number of controls — but it's up to you which ones you choose!

Clockwork O-Ringen 2021 logo

Use the Maprun app to record your run. You will find all the courses in the UK > Scotland > Glasgow > St Andrew's Orienteering Club > Clockwork Oringen folder. PDFs for the different options can be found here:

Download PDF mapStartFinish
Day 1Buchanan StreetWest Street
Day 2West StreetKinning Park
Day 3Kinning ParkGovan
Day 4GovanHillhead
Day 5HillheadBuchanan Street

Participants finishing five or more courses shall receive a memento to proudly display their achievement.


Starts are at the following subway stations. If you prefer not to use public transport at the moment, there are also hire bike stations nearby.

Day 1: Buchanan Street (on Buchanan Street; nearest Nextbike Queen Street Train Station)
Day 2:
West Street (nearest Nextbike Bridge Street subway station)
Day 3:
Kinning Park (nearest Nextbike Cessnock subway station)
Day 4:
Govan (nearest Nextbike Govan subway station)
Day 5:
Hillhead (nearest Nextbike University of Glasgow West)

Map / Terrain

Urban terrain; please be careful crossing roads, and be mindful of others. Maps are street O maps based on OpenOrienteeringMap.


You can finish the courses whenever it suits you. Bonus points if you do it five days in a row, like the real O-Ringen! Finish five or more courses to receive a memento.

Course Information

Each day, there are three courses, determined by how many controls of your choice you need to visit before finding the finish. All courses use the same map.

Short: 6 controls
Medium: 8 controls
Long: 10 controls