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GG Panoramic 36

GG Panoramic 36

Posted: Wed 25 Sep 2019

In total over the 4 sessions - 46 participated reflecting 26 different individuals.

A cracking turn-out on a cracking evening at Glasgow Green. 13 in total attended- 10 members & 3 potential members.

The Warm Up was ‘won’ by Kirsty & Kristelle with the rest double punching & thus recording more than the 19 active controls. However I have just checked & Oops - I forgot to count the Large Flags in the corners so the figure should have been 23 and not 19 :)

Teams of 3s then competed against their team members using the 6 x 6 Drying Poles Grid switching round the 3xc courses.

Before moving away from the focus of map setting/body positioning a 3 person Relay was run.

The session finished with use of the GG Map itself using 10 sites initially cooperating in pairs then racing head to head.

Many thanks which makes all the preparation worthwhile, Terry.

Photographs - Thanks to John Niven.