Dark Park Series 2018/19Pre-Registration

Hogg Sunset 150X0

Hogg Sunset 150X0

Posted: Tue 18 Dec 2018

STAG’s Dark Park Series for 2018/19 kicked off in October 2018 at Kelvingrove Park.

Should there be the slightest chance that YOU will attend any of the remaining 5 Events we are asking YOU to still pre-register by sending an email to

Why ?

In order to help control our costs & not to disappoint anyone, we are going to try out a pre-registering scheme for our Dark Park Series this season.

Our largest consumable expenditure is the map printing by Stirling Surveys. The differential between having 20 maps printed & 50 maps printed is approximately £20 & this needs to be reduced.

Under this scheme if YOU pre-register by sending your name, SI Number or hire required & likely course to STAG we shall then order the number of confirmed entries x 150% = Maps & prepare the AutoDownload programme so that Results can be posted even quicker.

Please note that by Pre-Registering YOU are always guaranteed a map & there is no penalty fee to pay.

We propose to continue with this scheme for the remaining events in the Series up until March 2019.

3 courses - Short / Medium / Long in distance with the Short being technically easy & both Medium/Long as technically difficult as the Planner can offer within the area.

One map with all controls shown & clear, controlled numerical sequencing explained on the map to achieve the 3 options.