DPA 1 Report - Glasgow Green - 6th October 2021The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

413 Glasgow Green ISSOM 2020 June2020 MASTER

413 Glasgow Green ISSOM 2020 June2020 MASTER

Posted: Thu 7 Oct 2021

What started off as a cracking day then a beautiful evening with a tremendous turn out turned into a damp one. Even with the help of a brolly my clothing and three outer layers were soaked through.

The orienteering demands offered at Glasgow Green are different but are still challenging both physical (you do run faster than usual)- for many your legs shall be sore this morning - and psychological - the size of the paper attacks the human psyche inferring huge distances which is not the case.

Early starters began as the light was fading and then suddenly it was dark and the heavens opened!

Security of controls - flag and Si unit - always needs to be considered but when we are dealing with pure badness there isn't much we can do.

The cable securing '44' was either cut or so severely bent that it was broken and then to add insult to injury tied up finished off with a wee bow but why did they leave the O flag? Weird and sad.

Next up is DPA2 @ Bellahouston Park with courses planned by Fredrik and assembly/parking on Mosspark Boulevard @ eastern gate on Wednesday 20th October 2021.