DPA5 Dawsholm Report - 1st Dec 202122 go out and 22 eventually come home :)

453 Dawsholm DPA5 Nov21 FINAL

453 Dawsholm DPA5 Nov21 FINAL

Posted: Thu 2 Dec 2021

Being a very small area a degree of creativity is always required at Dawsholm Park. What started off as ' Six Happy Families' ovolved into ' 6 Triangles' then into '5 Triangles but, as Lynn pointed out 3 sides are required so infact ended up as 'Trios'!

Originally 18 controls had been planned but after a test run this seemed too ambitious. As many said thank goodness the activity wasn't on Tuesday when it poured down in Glasgow.

For our younger/more athletic members the feeling maybe that our DPA Long is too short but for the mature and less experienced it looks too long. You just cannot win when planning Orienteering. Personal choice has to be respected and a balance struck.

At Dawsholm I decided , due to the depth of darkness to use reflective kites but can't decide if these make Night O fairer or far too easy - opinions welcome.

Thanks to Alison, James and Ross who joined me on a sweep search to bring in controls and look for our 2 lost souls who we didn't find first time but then with Colin and Jo's help everyone was located.

As always I am more than willing to offer my time to provide individual coaching/assistance at a mutually convenient time and place - just ask.