Final Accounts from Scottish Score Championships 2019

Posted: Fri 6 Sep 2019

STAG's extended map & resurveying of Faskally Woods cost £998 so for this event we are showing in our Event Accounts a £2 map royalty which only returns £300 to our Club which doesn't even cover 50% of the costs of mapping.

The reduced entry fee for those of a certain age, unemployed or retired was STAG's way of saying 'Thank-you for your support over the years'. This is an idea that every Club in Scotland could copy. The only reason the accounts show a surplus of Income over Expenditure is because the 3 Main Officials did not claim the travel expenses they were entitled to which would have come to around £250 for fuel alone covering over 1000 miles between them.

I do wonder how many entries we would have received had the Entry Fee been set at £14/£15/£16 for Seniors which I see is the fees for SOL6/SOL5/SOL4 ????

I do feel that once all the bills are paid that the Organising Club should, as a minimum return recoup the equivalent amount paid in levies to BOF & SOA.

Income - £1434.00


SI admin fee £ 120.19 Forestry Fee £75.00 Scout Hall Hire £75.00 First Aid Cover £150.00 BOF Levy £190.50 SOA Levy £129.00

Map printing & processing , loose CDs etc £224.29 Map Royalty £300.00 = £1263.98

Outcome a nominal surplus of £170.02