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Que Pond2 150X0

Posted: Thu 19 Sep 2019

Another first for STAG & Scottish Orienteering - Saturday 30th November 2019 {St.Andrew's Day :)}

All the best films seem to have created prequels so now it is STAG's turn.
We are delighted to announce that from this year the Glasgow Parks Championships / 3 Parks In 1 Day Event shall now be extended to create a Wonderful Winter Weekend in Glasgow incorporating a brand new event on the Scottish Orienteering Calendar.

'STAG DUO' shall be a Team Sprint Event taking place on the Saturday afternoon before the actual GPC Races on the Sunday. Each person shall complete 2 courses in an order determined by the Organisers of roughly 1.5km.

Quite simply its Teams of 2 which can be of any combination of gender, age, clubs, the choice is yours. Arnis & Fredrik are masterminding our '1st STAG DUO TEAM SPRINT PROJECT'.

There shall be awards based on your combined handicaps using the same system as our Scottish Relays but extended to cover age groups from M/W12s* > M/W80s. Being Park based, the Technical Difficulty cannot exceed Level 3 so Families can decide if children could cope on their own.
Further details shall be available from 1st November 2019. * after further consideration we have decided not to involve M/W10s in the first DUO.