Maps & Permanent Course Maps - 15th May 2019

Kgrov Statue 150X0

Kgrov Statue 150X0

Posted: Wed 15 May 2019

Sadly I have again withdrawn our Permanent Course Maps from sale on the BOF Portal till further notice.

There are several issues which require to be resolved at the BOF end before we can reconsider utilising this outlet.

Blank copies of STAG maps are also available to purchase but please note that to actually set out Orienteering Markers requires formally permission from the landowner.

Updated 15th May 2019 - maps NOT currently available via BOF POC portal

Missing Posts : Bellahouston No. 11; Queen’s Park Post 2 still OOBs due to Scottish Water fenced off enclosure ; Missing Nos. 6, 11, 14, 15 & 17; Springburn No.10 ; Hogganfield No.7. What is most mystifying is that of the 9 posts @ 7 of the sites there is no evidence of any posts ever being there ???

1. For PERSONAL USE ONLY, maps of most of STAG’s courses can be purchased via the British Orienteering Federation’s Website.Click here


2. Orders for maps by Schools, Scouts, ACF , BB, etc can be ordered by sending your order to
An Invoice shall then be created & returned.
If NOT an official order eg from a School, a cheque should be sent to the address below & once received & banked the maps shall be with you within 7 days maximum.

Unit cost is £1.50 per map with a minimum of 10 maps being ordered ; Orders of 30+ maps shall receive a discounted price.

Should you find any missing posts please email STAG & I shall try & get the Council to repair or, as in the case of Pollok No.5 strim the offending undergrowth.

Copies of Pollok CPs PC can be purchased from Knowehead, Manager’s Office, 200m west of the Entrance to The Burrell Collection

Control descriptions fro STAG PCs

Control Descriptions For Stag Pcs Glasgow 24 January 2019 Tob