Maps & Permanent Course Maps 29th June 2020 - 9pm14/14 reviews completed

Victoria Pond 150X0

Victoria Pond 150X0

Posted: Sat 27 Jun 2020

An audit of our permanent courses within Glasgow is now complete.

Please note that we are currently not in a position to arrange for map printing as our printers are closed due to Covid-19 regulations. Once available this information shall be updated.

Blank copies of STAG maps are available to purchase but please note that to actually set out Orienteering Markers requires formally permission from the landowner.

Tollcross Park - 12 posts all in place. MapRun F courses available. 100%. Start from Play Area @ Sports Centre.

Queen's Park - Vegetation cleared where practical. Of the 18 posts, 7 have 'evaporated into thin air due to 'work' by Land Services, Scottish Water & vandalism. These 'posts' shall be relocated to new permanent sites within the park. 11/18 - 61% in place. MapRunF courses available. Start to be relocated to Balvicar Drive Entrance for permanent course.

Springburn Park - 2 posts missing & 2 others have rotted/snapped. 4 sites to be relocated to permanent/painted markers. 60% in place. Start to be relocated to west most gate on Broomfield Road.

Hogganfield Loch Park - 10 posts. 1 missing & 1 post snapped/rotten. 80% in place.

Alexandra Park - 10 posts. Post 6 missing & now to be relocated.. Posts 2, 4, 9 & 10 cleared of vegetation & in process of being repainted.

Cathkin Braes CP - 12 posts. 100%. Tough terrain around Posts 1 & 2 - full leg cover required.

Linn Park - 10 posts. Post 9 has been salvaged & cable tied to inside metal fence corner. All other posts fine. {Thanks to Aly & Ross for checking this course}.

Bellahouston Park - 16 posts. 1 missing (Post 11). 2 rotten (Posts 5 & 10) & sites being relocated to permanent features.

Dawsholm Park - 10 posts. 100% intact. {Thanks to Andy & Mrs.H. for checking this course}.

Victoria Park - 10 posts. 2 missing completely & 2 others rotting in the vicinity of their location / snapped. New design being considered.

King's Park - 10 posts. All located. {Thanks to Aly}.

Pollok CP - 18 posts. All located & accessible.

Courses @ Kelvingrove Park & Glasgow Green utilise historic nature of these venues so no additional posts. MapRunF available for 'Glasgow Green & Gorbals North'.

Maps for personal use shall be considered as requests are received.

Orders for maps by Schools, Scouts, ACF , BB, etc can be ordered by sending your order to

An Invoice shall then be created & returned.

If NOT an official order eg from a School, a cheque should be sent to the address below & once received & banked the maps shall be with you within 7 days maximum.

We area currently discussing with our bank digital access to our account so that maps can be paid for on line by bank transfer.

Unit cost is £1.50 per map with a minimum of 10 maps being ordered ; Orders of 30+ maps shall receive a discounted price.

Should you find any posts missing please email STAG & we shall remedy as soon as possible.

We hope to be able to offer access to our permanent courses to non-members once we enter Phase 2 of Lockdown Breakout 2020.

Updated Control descriptions for STAG's Glasgow PCs shall be available here from 1st July 2020.