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Turnbull HS's 600 maps

Turnbull HS's 600 maps
Credit: Terry

Posted: Tue 9 Mar 2021

Phase 2 of the joint project between STAG and the Outdoor Education Department of East Dunbartonshire has managed to get underway.

Maps of Turnbull High School, Lenzie Academy, Douglas Academy and Kirkintilloch High School first surveyed in late 2020 have been updated and their permanent courses installed.

St.Ninian's High School (where Bernie teaches) was first mapped in 2011 and their map has been updated and 5 markers were replaced.

CPD will be delivered to PE Departments at a convenient time when their package of resources - over 600 individual maps per school - plus support materials are also delivered.

The X/Curricular resources shall be explained in CPD delivered to all interested Staff at a future date.