Scottish Spring 2019Tentsmuir - Falkland Palace - Falkland Estate



Posted: Mon 15 Apr 2019

Masterplan Adventure (MA) Project well supported by Orienteering Community

The Scottish Spring Series continues to attract growing numbers year by year. This year Fife played host & MA were supported by a wide variety of people particularly from SCOTJOS (as far as I could see).

Saturday 13th - 1st Event Tentsmuir South - Middle Distance format - Map Scale 1:10,000. Sunshine but a biting wind greeted the 4 STAGGIES who competed in the sand dunes with Arnis just coming out top dog from Fredrik. Rudi mispunched & I was back to my old tricks of making a total mess of a leg & plummeting. I blame Maggie for that wee cuddle at the pre-start. By Sunday morning I discovered a couple of ticks on the left thigh so the morale of the story is to wear full cover & not long socks / 2/3rd length trousers in areas with a tick issue. And then it was off to Falkland near Strathmiglo Village.

Saturday 13th - 2nd Event Falkland Palace - Sprint format - Map Scale 1:3000 (Me) 1:4,000 (The Boys).

We arrived in this sleepy hollow in deepest Fife around 3pm and the weather remained fine but cold. The attached photographs shows 'The Boys' getting into the Zone but not actually entering the Zone.

A locked gate within the Palace grounds meant a short delay but eventually the competitors began to funnel through. The vast majority were bemused when they picked up their maps as the 1st Control was an immediate challenge having to take a confusing route to get around steep walls, the Palace itself & ornamental gardens to reach Control 1. I settled down after this but then came badly unstuck between 9 > 10. There was an issue with Control 10 / Code 220 which, if I hadn't seen the notice lying on the ground on the -1 line I am convinced my problems wouldn't have manifested themselves to such an extend. Sadly they did & TOB went runabout - not for the first time.

With 25 controls this was a Mega Sprint for me but also a Mega run as I then overshot Control 15 ending up at Control 17 from where the route back to Control 15 had me running past Controls 19, 20 & 21 on the way back to Control 15. Settling down things went well until 21 > 22 where I lost concentration again.

The Boys were again highly competitive - within themselves - with King Arnis triumphing again ! The splits print out must be the longest piece of thermal paper I have ever received at an event.

Back in the car around 6.10pm - a phone call from Gerry arranging Sunday's travel arrangements then back to Glasgow & having dropped off 'The Boys' home by 8:30pm.

Sunday 14th - 3rd Event - Scottish Orienteering League 2 - Falkland Estate - Map Scale 1:10,000.

It is always interesting to visit a New Area for Orienteering & one wonders why certain areas have never been used before. I think folk shall have mixed feelings about whether this area was technically suitable or not.

Arnis, continuing his integrated training programme, entered Black which in essence was, in Arnis' view more a Cross-Country Run & of an Orange Standard. I have never seen the Big Yin so angry & disappointed at the end of his run :(

Fredrik entered Brown & was content with his run & added to this I was eventually able to introduce Fredrik to Richard Oxlade (ESOC) who is the Main Controller on Day 2 of Strathearn were Fredrik is Assistant Controller.

Colin with his go faster haircut returned another creditable performance on Short Brown.

David making his occasional visit back to Scotland again powered round on Blue.

Myself on Green was doing ok despite being caught by young Rachel Brown before I had even reached the 1st Control & again messing up at Control 8 finishing as 1st M60S & just sneeking into the top 20. Chris, Gerry & Lynn also completed the Green. Check out Chris' acceleration up the rankings via Winsplits !!!!!

Rafaela continued her comeback by winning Short Green with Marta settling down after a mega adventure to Control 1.

Great turn out Team STAG !!!! The next Mega event is the Scottish Individual & Relay Champs in late May so get your entries in asap.