Posted: Thu 28 Mar 2019

STAG's AGM covering 2018 was held last night with almost 50% of Members 'attending'- 20 present & 8 apologies - out of 55 Membership Units.

A very productive evening resulted in several decisions being taken to shape the future pathway of our Club.

Arnis was elected as Club Chairman & Club Captain. Myself & Bernie were re-elected as Secretary & Treasurer respectively.

Lyndsay, Karen & Marta shall be taking the Social Media agenda forward.

Members supported the request to contact local politicians to take our STAG Agenda forward throughout our catchment area.

The transition from STAG Events to South of Scotland & Scottish Orienteering League & Scottish Orienteering Urban League etc shall be better coordinated.

Members were content with our management structure of having a core Executive to steer business & only 2 formal meetings (inc AGM) - which are open to all our members.