STAG & Coronavirus 19 update Saturday 28th March

Posted: Sat 28 Mar 2020

With the further request to limit travel & 'social distancing' the following alterations to previous plans are shown below. 2020 World Masters (Slovakia) has been postponed and word is that The World Champs (Denmark) maybe rescheduled for October 2020 although no formal decision to date..

Postbox-O 2020 update

Although we are encouraged to exercise, we are also discouraged from travelling. At the current time, it would now be inconsistent (Irresponsible?) for STAG to promote a postbox-o series for the time-being. On the other hand, we can go for local map runs .

(Note I received an email today looking to access POC Maps from Non-Members but explained these were not currently available. Members can request PDFs of their local parks on the condition that these are for personal use only & shall not be being passed on to family, friends, neighbours due to the request not to exercise in groups)

STAGgies should e-mail John at with your full postcode and he will send you back an e-mail attachment (PDF) comprising a map of your local area with postboxes added. Experience tells us that some editing of this map is required (a few postboxes may have been removed, or moved). Our suggestion is as follows:

1. Walk/jog around your map confirming the location of the postboxes. If you would rather work with an error-free map, email John with details of the changes required and he will revise your map.

2. Go for o-runs. Maybe try different time limits (30mins, 45 mins, 60 mins). For simplicity, every control is set at 10 points. Use the standard STAG postbox-o rules ... 10 points penalty for every part minute late. 5 points bonus for every full minute early.

3. Share your 'results' on the STAG whatsapp group.

4. Upload your run to Strava, so that other STAGgies on the STAG Strava group can see what you've been up to.