STAG Education Tab updated 25th Nov 2020

STAG Resources2 5th Nov20

STAG Resources2 5th Nov20

Posted: Wed 25 Nov 2020

Our largest package of resources now offers 30 different maps/courses to provide even more challenging Orienteering experiences on your own school campus.

Although each package consists of a certain quantity of maps this in no way reflects how many different times/ways/approaches can be used to deliver orienteering.

A variety of 'Organisational Approaches'' - Pairs / Individuals / Team - as well as on occasions sampling a selection of Controls from Courses and then moving from participation > performance and challenging memory all contribute to making Orienteering a valid sport to be incorporated into a PE Department's Programme.

Package 1 - 16 maps/courses plus blank maps.

Package 2 - 19 maps/courses plus blank maps.

Package 3 - 29 maps/courses plus blank maps.

Further details including an indication of costs involved email