STAG Members Incentive SchemeYour Club Needs You!!

Posted: Sun 3 Mar 2019

STAG has initiated an incentive scheme to encourage even more of our members to assist at all Events/Activities.

For ALL STAG Events you can enter via & receive a discounted entry depending on whether or not you can assist on the day. Credits are equivalent to £1 each.

Organising permissions etc has always been done centrally & so this will continue. For REGIONAL Events (SoSOLs) we require a named ORGANISER, named PLANNER both have to have attended an Event Safety Course to be eligible - 10 Credits for each role. 5 Credits for any other involvement on the day as detailed below.

For LOCAL Events - Sunday Scores+, Dark Parks & Spring Series - 5 Credits for being the PLANNER ; 3 Credits doing Registration etc ; 2 Credits for helping bring in controls.

Members are required to assist in

REGISTRATION - At all events there has to be a formality in taking names, entry fees, issuing SI fingers, downloading where relevant & checking everyone is back safely. Ideally at events of REGIONAL status or above we should be able to organise a rota for helpers.

PLANNING - STAG guidance & information is available for all the different STAG Event formats. Due to our urban terrain security of sites is as , if not more important, than the actual courses being offered & the workload must be manageable for the Planner. It is the fare from Start Kite > Finish Control that planners are required to "cook" :) Course Planning Guide Final. This document must be read by prospective Planners. Currently Terry acts as Mentor / Controller for most of our Local Events.

EVENT DE-RIGGING - Help to bring in controls after events is always required & greatly appreciated

The more offers we have the less "stress" on other Club Members. its the fare from Start Kite > Finish Control that planners are required to "cook" :) Course Planning Guide Final

An email was circulated in early December looking for volunteers to plan events in the first half of 2019 so in preparation for this please access the attached Pdf produced by Scottish Orienteering. Offers to Terry by 31st December 2018. Thanks to John, Simon B, Thomas E, Fredrik, Helen, Mark & Lynn who have already responded positively to this request.

The knock on effect is positive as taking on this role will then enhance your own knowledge & understanding & lead to improved performances.

Credits can then be exchanged for all STAG Events. Standard Early Entry fees for STAG Members range from £8 (SoSOLs), £7 (Sunday Scores), £5 (Dark Parks & Evening Events) & £2 for Activities. These fees apply to Seniors. STAG Junior Member fees is set at £3 for all our Local Events.