STAG Membership Initiative for 2020Pre-register now & enjoy the benefits

Posted: Wed 28 Aug 2019

With the new 2020 Orienteering membership year beginning on 1st November 2019, it makes little sense to be asking for fees from people who would then have to join again after 1st November. Please read on - information updated Monday 26th August 2019

Do you want to join Glasgow’s Orienteering Club?

STAG (STAndrew’s (Glasgow) is Glasgow’s local orienteering club, serving the city and surrounding areas. With the New 2020 Membership year beginning on 1st November 2019, STAG is extending an invitation to YOU to verbally commit to joining STAG from today. In return you shall be treated as a STAG Member immediately and you shall receive all of the benefits enjoyed by STAG Members over the next few months:

To verbally commit, simply tell the Organiser of the next activity /event you intend to join in November OR email Terry with your details. After you join us in November, you’ll be able to take part in the following as a Club Member at Club Member rates:

For more information on STAG, contact Terry () at or visit us at or

Kind Regards

Terry & Arnis

T.O’Brien, BEM STAG Hon.President

A.Saltums, STAG Chairperson