STAG Twilight Training 1 report

Tollcrosspark 150X0

Tollcrosspark 150X0

Posted: Thu 3 Oct 2019

Another new idea proves viable :)

Even after almost 40 years promoting our sport it seems that new & innovative ideas are still dormant and just waiting to be discovered. The notion of Twilight Training came about for 2 reasons 1. Reduced daylight after 6:30pm and 2. Initially the idea of piloting some form of 'event' for after-school clubs.

After further consideration the 2nd idea was put on a back burner & the first taken forward.

Although not perfect for all STAG members to attend I felt that there might be some who could support and so it turned out.

To accommodate the start time was moved to 4:30pm & we were blessed with glorious weather. The 4 'amigos' began with a social pairs map walk/jog taking the 'Social Course' from GPC 2018 splitting clockwise /anticlockwise to meet up at Control 4 out of the 7. The mental side of orienteering has, in my experiences, rarely been trained as most folk just go running but with the use of Jig Maps & Harvey Mazzles ( a Mazzle is a Map + Puzzle ) the wee brain cells were taxed with varying degrees of success.

This was followed by the participants siting the 4 controls initially in use - 1 each - then with a Mass Start completing a short course within a 10 minute time limit.

We then returned to a more challenging Mazzle where the emphasis was on 1. Having a plan & 2. Sticking to it and once again the rates of success varied quite a bit.

The session was flying in and a penultimate activity was a short Map Memory Group Exercise followed finally by a short STAR Exercise where again participants had to site the controls.

It was a pleasure to be able to offer this additional opportunity to our members. Next Twilight is on 16th October with a 4:30pm start at Glasgow Green / Doge Palace - Everyone welcome.

Come & train so that you do not strain at your next 'O' Event.