STAG wins the 2023 'Respect The Environment' AwardPresented on Good Friday 2024 @ JK

STAG Team accept 2023 "Respect The Environment" Award

STAG Team accept 2023 "Respect The Environment" Award
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Posted: Sat 30 Mar 2024

Joe Fermor Worrell, BOF Club Support Officer writes.....

"Congratulations, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) have been judged to be the worthy winner of the 2023 Respect the Environment Award. This is for the excellent work you have done with the STAG Car Share initiative, which embodies the spirit of caring for our environment – a key aspect of our sport.

We are extremely grateful for your enthusiasm and service and very happy to bring you this news."

First introduced in 2022, STAG again offered our Green Action Scheme in 2023 as detailed below.

STAG received applications from 2 Clubs, ELO and EUOC as well as two families under our 'GREEN' awards scheme. The scheme was offered for the 24th Glasgow Parks Champs on Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Entrants to the 24th Glasgow Parks Champs on Sunday 3rd December 2023 had until the deadlines shown below to apply for GREEN TRAVEL Discount reward

To be eligible you had to:

  1. Enter by the Early Bird Entry date of Sunday 12th November 2023
  2. Submit your claim no later than 11:59pm on Monday 4th December 2023

Combatting Global Warming

In the ongoing attempt to encourage orienteers to further reduce our carbon footprint, STAG offered the following incentives to you.

1. Use of public transport or cycling or other

STAG offered individual(s) £6 off their block entry fee* for our January 2024 Winter Score Events.

The individual concerned had to send an email to after the Event with details and a discount code was supplied once the Winter Scores go live on SI Entries in early December 2023.

2. Travel by Minibus

For a Club organising such for their members with 9 or more travelling within the hired vehicle, STAG reimbursed to Their Club Funds 50% of the Entry Fees* paid by the occupants of the minibus. It was then up to your Club to decide what to do with this money. Payment once bank details received from you on application.

The Minibus driver had to send an email to after the Event and list the names of those who travelled by minibus.

3. Travelling in a vehicle with 3 or more occupants

STAG offered to each of the occupants of a qualifying vehicle, £3 off their block entry fee* for our 2024 Winter Score Events provided entry is made by the deadline shown above.

The car driver was then supplied with a discount code to use / pass on to each individual which expired on the day when Early Bird entries closed.

* After Si Entries admin charge, BOF and SOA levies have been subtracted.

STAG members could claim either Helpers or Green allowance but not both.

"WE do what WE do as it is GOOD for US and GOOD for YOU!

These ideas are still NOT copyrighted and others are free to offer the same or other incentives. Doing nothing isn't an option!