STAG's 2019 Bowling Championship

The Venue

The Venue

Posted: Fri 27 Sep 2019

22 competed this year with Ross Chalmers & Alastair Dunlop winning their respective Classes of STAG & guest respectively.

STAG Members and guests descended on the Hollywood Bowl Complex at Coatbridge last night.

There was an air of expectation as well as trepidation. Would Arnis annihilate the pins ? Would youth (in the form of Rudi Paul) come to the fore? Could John McKendrick retain the crown that had passed to Peter last year?

The last question above was answered by 7:10pm as due to car problems John had to defer so would the favourites then be?

As Round 1 progressed our Club Chairman, Arnis seemed to be on a roll closely followed by Nick both in Lane 3 and a glance further west registered impressive scores for Alastair & Fredrik. As the spares & the strikes increased for most of us lesser mortals although not too frequently, 2 dark horses - Ruth & Ross - were performing well just under the radar but as they were in my own lane & I was oscillating around the group this never trapped until the printed results were received later on.

Our numbers were boost when Rosalind & Kyle (in formal dress his kilt) arrived and with spare capacity in Lane 5 this was utilised by several to enhance their skills later on.

Round 2 seemed to take its toll on the Big A and devastatingly after a hugely impressive 3 figure score in Round 1 he could only return a double figure score & thus ended up in 2nd place overall. While Arnis' demise was obvious, Mary was taking over as the star performer in Lane 3 from Nick & Arnis which secured her a 3rd place in our Guest Category.

However as mentioned above, the tide was a turning in Lane 4 where Ross & Ruth were hammering the pins and building up their personal tallies but as my knowledge of Round 1 scores was non-existent their run up the league table still remained unknown.

To assist Lane 5 to catch up Chris , Andy & Alastair took on the opportunity for extra practice and we were then able to make the Awards just after 9:30pm.

Here we go !

STAG Members Category

1st Ross Chalmers 2nd Arnis Saltums 3rd Fredrik Nordvalll Forsberg

Guest Category

1st Alastair Dunlop 2nd Nick Langley (1pt behind) 3rd Mary McMillan

My thanks to Andy who stepped in as 'Treasurer' on the evening, to John Niven for the selection of photos below & the everyone who travelled from near & far to attend.