STAG's Volunteer Nominations 2019Nominated by Arnis Saltums, STAG Chairperson

FB IMG 1559854648695 jpg Gerry Thomson

FB IMG 1559854648695 jpg Gerry Thomson

Posted: Fri 7 Jun 2019

People Make Glasgow ; People Make STAG : Brilliant !!!

STAG’s volunteer profiles
Gerry Thomson (Glasgow) & John McKendrick (Plains, By Airdrie)

How long have they been a club member?

Gerry over 20 years & John over 10 years

How do they support the club and orienteering?

 Gerry has just retired as STAG Chairperson. He was S6D Organiser at Dallachsyle back in 1999

& has planned SOLs, SoSOLs and local races. He is ever present at our evening events and

Registration is his baby!. Sometimes people call him ‘Terry’ by mistake!

Not as scary as his photo suggests.

Specialises in helping elderly ‘O’ women cross raging torrents including at Ardchattan in Argyll.

 He still has the ‘O’ bug and will travel crazy distances to fulfil his ‘O’ ambitions.

What makes them shine as a volunteer?

 Gerry is our resident 'Mr. Meet and Greet' he is the friendly face that hands out maps and points

newcomers in right direction as the photograph shows he means business!!

 John is also a past STAG Chairperson & is our Mr.Innovator, full with ideas on different

orienteering challenges, postbox & indoor orienteering and other ideas, which we need to keep

secret just now (Follow STAG Facebook & website for upcoming events and news)