Temporary withdrawl of STAG Permanent Courses for BOF WebsiteDownloading currently not available

Posted: Tue 29 Jan 2019

Due to the continuing abuse of this service, we have withdrawn our maps until further changes have been made.

Sadly it still appears that some individuals continue to fail to understand that the permanent course maps made available by STAG to download from the British Orienteering Website are for personal use only & should thereafter NOT be being photocopied for use by groups be that schools, youth organisations or other bodies.

STAG remains a voluntary organisation who create funds & then reinvest them in the sport of Orienteering. An orienteering map of a local park now costs in the region of £2000 to have produced & the only way STAG can recoup some of this investment is by selling the maps at a very reasonable rate.

Photocopying is paramount to stealing.