The 31st & Final Tinto Twin March 2019 :(Arnis, Colin & Lynsey do the business at Carmichael Estate

Posted: Sat 16 Mar 2019

And its goodbye to The Tinto Twin & Hello to ????????

The 31st & final Tinto Twin received a reasonable level of support from the Orienteering Community but nothing like the 600 entries achieved in 1988 at their 1st TT.

A very western part of Carmichael Estate was used for the Saturday Night Event where the weather was cold but dry with our main talking point revolving around the bold Arnis who forgot his 'O' shoes & ended up completing his course in his slippers ! Lynsey, Gerry, Jo, Colin & myself represented our Club.

Sunday's weather forecast wasn't good as snow & wind was forecast and it arrived in blustery fashion. Years ago Carmichael Hill itself provided a pleasant 'O' experience but with time & a lack of grazing sheep the terrain was incredibly challenging. Eventually we all completed our courses and then were treated to a lunch in 'The Carmichael Experience' to thank orienteers for their support.

STAG has offered our support to continue the TT in some form and also to welcome current Tinto Members should they decide to disband their Club but both topics are currently under discussion.