YABADABADOO !!!Rave reviews for Du'O' & 21st GPC - PEOPLE MAKE STAG :

GPC2019 Rona

GPC2019 Rona

Posted: Mon 2 Dec 2019

On behalf of our Club Members can I thank-you all for the umpteen favourable comments received over the weekend & to the 30+ competitors who chose to wear their STAG 20th Anniversary BRIGHT YELLOW HATS :)

This project is only successful because of the 'Family Mentality' that is so evident throughout Orienteering Clubs.

Our thanks to Non-STAG Members Robin, Sheila, Blair, Lorna, Charlie, Tricia & Trevor who kindly helped augment our numbers to-day & to Debbie Wylie & Clare from Glasgow City Council for arranging power supply; to Paul Brannan, Pollok CP Manager for arranging the strimming the area behind the Pavilion as requested ; to Marie McDermott from the GCC Marketing Department for supplying 'People Make Glasgow' souvenirs on both days and to Tommy McGarry & Brian Scott for permissions; Advertisign Direct for producing the 21st Anniversary Stickers for your Ice Scrappers; TINTO for the loan of SI Units and Jeff Powell @ Sportident UK for ongoing support.

There is no surplus from GPC 2019 but a deficit of £326.61 so when we pay levies over £300 there is definitely something wrong somewhere along the line. The best value Orienteering Experience in 2019! - thanks for your support.

Lost Property - Ewan McCartney's duvet jacket & Craft Large Size Red Top.

21st GPC Provisional Accounts

Income - £1,693.00

Expenditure - SI Fee £121.61. BOF Levy £171. SOA Levy £116. Stirling Surveys Map Printing £450. Race 3 Chasing Start Tickets £25. Ice Scrappers £100. Special 21st Labels £60. Nether Pollok Hire £150.00. Trophy Engraving & STAG Junior STAR Trophies £180. STAG Map Royalties @ £1 per map £546. = £1798.

The 'loss' of £326.61 is swallowed by the Clubs income for map royalties.

Du'O' Provisional Accounts

Income - £408.00

Expenditure - SI Fee £39.12. BOF Levy £96. Stirling Surveys Map Printing £106.30. STAG Map Royalties @ £1 per map £166. = £407.42.

Surplus of 58p.

The Main Officials sought no expenses for either event.


Coordinator & Planner Races 1 & 2 - Terry.

Race 3 Planner - Arnis.

Control hangers / Controllers - Terry, Arnis & Trevor.

Starts - Gerry, Blair, Charlie, Tricia, Nadia & Liam.

Finish - John R.

Controls Collector Coordinator - John McK.

Race 1 - Kenny, Thomas E & Helen.

Race 2 - Jo, Colin, Rudi & Lyznik.

Race 3 - John McK, Peter, Fredrik, John R, Thomas R. Chris & Lynn.

Map distributers - Fredrik, Ceana, Colin, Jo, John R., Helen, Peter & Marta.

Computing & Registration - Robin, Sheila & Lorna.

Gazebo Transporter - Bernie.

Transport for Competitors - Simon.

My apologies to Lyznik & Andrew who ended up with 'Open Women' maps in their envelope. It seems that this error has been made by the printer as 2 rogue copies of OW were within the O sealed packet.

Congratulations to not just all the Winners but to Everyone who competed to-day. I remain convinced that our unique sport can give so much to enhance the health & well-being of so many although it still remains an undiscovered opportunity for so many.

Best Wishes


T.O'Brien, BEM

STAG Hon.President