Next Event: STAG Dark Park 1- Bellahouston Park Thurs 5th February 2015

Here we go again ! Another 4 opportunities to test your silky Night “O” Skills
5 pre-entries by email are required by 10pm on Monday 2nd February 2015 before the event is confirmed.

05th Feb 15

Map of Palacerigg Country Park Map

STAG Score 3 - Palacerigg CP, Cumbernauld - Sunday 18th January 2015, Results

What a difference a week makes !

Ask those poor souls who survived STAG Score 2’s weather last Sunday if to-day was better !!

Thanks again for your support.
Thanks to Lorna, David, John, Gerry, Scott & Dave R who all helped out at Registration / Control collection.

As it was Control 31 was the only site I hadn’t checked. Originally this was going to be at the track crossing but with the possibility of golfers I felt it would be better to move it in. As it was I put it about 15m west of the actual clearing in an area created by trees falling . If , from your split it appears that you were in the vicinity I have credited you with those 300pts.

Next up is Scottish Night Champs followed the next day by STAG Score 4 both @ Drumpellier CP but with different assembly/parking areas.

18th Jan 15

Map of Drumpellier Country Park Map

NLC S5/6 Students Orienteering Challenge-Friday 30th January 2015, Results

Building on our links with St.Ambrose HS, STAG is planning the 2015 Orienteering Challenge for Senior Students

17th Jan 15

Glasgow Parks Champs is moving to Sunday 28 June 2015

After a great deal of thought our 3 Parks In 1 Day Event is on the move .......

12th Jan 15

Map of Cathkin Braes Country Park Map

STAG Score 2 Cathkin Braes CP - Sunday 11th January 2015, Results

Results updated on Sat 17th January as Bonus Points for clearing all 28 controls & finishing early had not been calculated correctly.

I knew it had been a wet morning but only when I crossed over the River Clyde @ Carmyle did I appreciate the amount of moisture which had fallen from the sky!

Many thanks to Gerry for Registration / Results ; Jim, Ian, Charlie, Tricia, Trevor & Alastair who helped bring in controls this allowing me to get home by 2pm.

This must eclipse STAG’s wettest day at the 1989 British Schools @ Dechmont as I ended up wearing 6 layers - 3 of which were rain jackets!!!! (all total soaked through :( )

If you have not entered next Sunday’s event at Palacerigg yet - Christine :) - please do so before 10pm on Tuesday 13th January 2015.

Regards & Thanks


No facilities. Nearest toilets ASDA Toryglen / East Kilbride Shopping Centre


11th Jan 15

Map of Pollok Country Park Map

STAG Score 1 - Pollok Country Park - Sunday 4th January 2015, Results

Thank-you to everyone for their support on what began as a balmy day then the temperature dropped.

Full results now available.

Special thanks to Gerry for covering Registration Roles.
With Gerry & Alastair D helping we cleared the Park of controls by 2pm.

04th Jan 15

Map of Springburn Park Map

STAG 16th Glasgow Parks Championships - 3 Parks In One Day ! Sun 7th Dec 2014, Results

The vibes I have picked up appear to be all positive from GPC 2014 even with the mixed weather. The tour began at Springburn Park then headed south to Glasgow Green/Richmond Park & then even further south to Cathkin Braes Country Park. Results
My thanks & continued enthusiasm is primarily fueled by the support given by others to this Annual Project. Without such there would be no event.

Registration, Computing & Results - Jackie, Lorna & Robin.

The Starts - Gerry, Lynsey, Marcella & Donald.

Control Collectors - John, Trevor, Martin, Lizzie, Simon, Alastair & Paul.

Chasing Start Helpers - Craig, Ross, Eilidh, Claire, Ron, Helena, Les, Margaret, Ian & Eleanor.

Miscellaneous Helpers - Andy P, Blair, Dave R, Pauline & Sarah.

We are also grateful to the support from Joe & Raymond of Glasgow City Council who authorised our access to The Winter Gardens within the People’s Palace.

07th Dec 14

Map of Pollok Country Park Map

STAG Dark Park Race 4 Thurs 23rd Oct 2014 - Pollok CP, Results

Thanks to everyone for coming along on a wet night especially Gerry & Alex who helped me bring in controls.
Full results now on line.

23rd Oct 14

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