Next Event: STAG Dark Park 8 - Thurs 11th Feb - Tollcross Park - Event No.537

Tx - bonus points will help deternine who comes out on top & the plot thickens as Alastair has to attend a RUNRIG concert & Rafaela hopefully is over her wee illness.
19 Entries so far - Gerry, John, Peter, Jim, Lizzy, Simon, Christine, Patrick, Andy, Rafaela, Trevor, Eva, Claire, Arnis, Craig, Callum,Cameron, Heather & Cara

Advance notice that the venue for DP 9 may have to change due to extensive ongoing work in QP - decision shall be made on Saturday 13th Feb.

11th Feb 16

STAG’s Event Programme January & February 2016

The website prioritises our next event but as we are very busy during January & February below is a summary for your information.
These events are open to everyone but if you are not a member of an Orienteering Club a £1 surcharge in entry fee is payable from your 4th event onwards.

06th Feb 16

Peter's Adventure - #4 is SSE of the pond you can make out in the wood

STAG Saturday Training 1 - Greenhead Moss, Wishaw, Results

A new initiative for 2016. First in a series of 3 Saturday Training Sessions.
There are no results to speak of although we did the White Course in under 10 mins & failed to complete the Short Green :( ask Peter, great story! )

STAG Training 2 is returning to Greenhead Moss next Saturday 13th Feb - email Terry by Wednesday if you wish to be involved.

06th Feb 16

STAG Saturday Training - February 2016 - Greenhead Moss, Wishaw.

The 2nd planned training session is returning to Greenhead Moss as Peter had so much fun !

Email Terry by Wednesday 10th so that travel arrangements can be co-ordinated.

Plan is again to warm up by breezing round either the Yellow or Orange SoSOL Courses from a couple of years ago then in pairs tackle either Green or Blue alternatively taking the responsibility for navigation sometimes with the map or by map memory. There are no controls actually in the area so I term this as Blind “O”.

Cracking wee area

06th Feb 16

Dark Park League Standings after 7 Events

Updated rankings are now available.

04th Feb 16

Map of Alexandra Park Map

STAG Dark Park 7 - Thurs 4th Feb 2016 - Alexandra Park - Event No.536, Results

So Event 7 has now come & gone with the most notable happenings being after the event itself - on bringing in the Controls on 1 T-Bar the screws had came loose & the plate & SI box had fallen off - thankfully it was found .
Not only did one of our intrepid students manage to leave his phone in my car but also his wallet - all returned.

Thanks to Joe from Nottingham for popping along.

I have adjusted the finishing time by 25 seconds for everyone. I will need to further investigate what is going on with this SI issue.

Thanks again for your support & to Gerry, Jim, Peter & John for helping bring in the controls.

Results below make it an interesting finish in the remaining 3 events.

04th Feb 16

Map of Faskally Woods Map

STAG Winter Score 4 - Sunday 31st Jan 2016 - Faskally, Pitlochry - Event No.535, Results

A 6am rise is a challenge but once I was on the road & the daylight broke just as I past Perth & entered the Cloud inversion @ Ballinluig the day just got better & better.
Apologies for the wee hiccup with “71” early on but Simon sorted it for me ; Patrick I have added 71 in for you.

The use of The Pitlochry Scout Hall proved a winner particularly for the large squad from GUOC.

Having scanned the results & our rules “The SI unit must be punched within your given time zone.” - I have had to remove all controls punched in excess of the 60 minutes where appropriate.
Updated results are being calculated just now.

My sincere thanks to Gerry, Lizzy, Peter, Jim, Simon, Emma, Karen & Rafaela for all their help in bringing in & sorting out the T-Bars & kites.

Home in Glasgow by 5pm must be a record.

Many Thanks for your support


31st Jan 16

Map of Linn Park Map

STAG Dark Park 6 - Thurs 28th Jan 2016 - Linn Park - Event No.534, Results

Thanks once again for supporting our events.

For some reason that I do not understand the Start & Finish boxes were 16 seconds out between them - they were both synchronised last night. I have adjusted the start times. The Who? in the results is Alec from USOC - the 2nd sheet of paper is somewhere in my car.

Thanks again to Gerry, Peter, Jim & Alastair for all their assistance.

28th Jan 16

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