Next Event: STAG / CLYDE Spring Series 1/7- Thursday 24th April 2014 - Pollok Country Park

The Series of evening events kick off with a visit to Pollok Country Park at an ideal time.

24th Apr 14

Map of Faskally Woods Map

STAG’s SOL 2 - Faskally Woods, Results

Sunday’s results can be found here
String Courses & Provisional Event accounts are available below.

Lost Property : Rab Black Fleece UK 12 - Mizuno Blue Medium Running Top.

This was the first use of the NEW Lidar produced map.

06th Apr 14

Map of Dalzell Estate & Baron’s Haugh Map

STAG Winter Score 2 - Dalzell Estate & Baron’s Haugh - Sunday 19th Jan 2014, Results

Thank-you once again for your support.

It was a pleasure to chat to Granny Suse & Grandpa John down visiting Emily & Family.

My thanks to Lorna for handling the Registration/Results; to John, David, Patricia & Ian D. for bringing in controls. There is a dropped padlock out there somewhere so if you find it pass it back to STAG.

Just missed my 3pm target having been held up by the tailback on M74 North & then chatting to a sick pal, Gerry T.

19th Jan 14

STAG SoSOL 3 - Greenhead Moss, Wishaw- Sunday 12th January 2014, Results

Update @ 9.30pm
Thank-you for your support to-day. I think I have sorted out all the gremlins & thanks to Robin Strain who will be setting up Routegadget, Winsplits etc on our behalf.

With a Club Membership of 12 at the last count, the day started off with 50% of STAG & Ross McLennan the Controller but we lost 3 of the STAG married men at approximately 11.30am when their other halves summoned them.

12th Jan 14

Map of Pollok Country Park Map

STAG Winter Score 1 - Sunday 5th January 2014 - Pollok CP, Results

Many thanks for supporting our event to-day.

Thanks to Gerry(Planner), Patricia, Donald & Eilidh for their assistance & to Donald P. for helping us clear the area of controls all completed just before the heavens opened,

Kind Regards


05th Jan 14

A Beautiful Glasgow Park

STAG 15th Glasgow Parks Championships - Sunday 1st December 2013, Results

What a cracking day to be out in the Great Outdoors & enjoying the Orienteering experience in 3 delightful & different venues.
Results are available here !

01st Dec 13

The Futures Bright - The Magnificient Seven are on the Way with more to follow

Plans are well underway for STAG’s next 7 events being held from December 2013 > May 2014.

10th Nov 13

David Allison M50 Scottish Score Champion

Many, many congratulations to David Allison who emerged victorious in the M50 Class at the 2013 Scottish Score Championships.

10th Nov 13

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Who are we

In 1982, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) was formed in the East End of Glasgow with the primary purpose of making Orienteering a more accessible activity.
By producing maps & hosting events, setting up permanent facilities & facilitating schools’ involvement we continue to promote Orienteering as a
Sport For All & a Sport For Life.

Although we may be numerically small, we do a phenomenal (no sponsorship in the air I’m afraid!) amount of events & continue to pioneer how Orienteering can be embraced throughout education.

So far in 2014, we have hosted 4 events: SCORE Events @ Pollok & Dalzell Country Parks; SoSOL 3 @ Greenhead Moss, Wishaw ; SOL 2 at Faskally, Pitlochry.
In the next 3 months we will organise an Evening Event @ Pollok CP; SOUL 4 in Glasgow City Centre ; an Evening Event & the Scottish Schools Festival in June @ Drumpellier CP.

Formed in 1982, we continue to provide new & innovative ideas to stimulate local and Scottish Orienteering including a 2nd grant application to extend the network of facilities within and around our Dear Green Place!!

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