Next Event: STAG Autumn 4 -Thurs 1st Sept - Kelvingrove Park Glasgow - No.549

Kelvingrove is the venue for “TRIO”. Register you intention to attend here.

“TRIO” challenges competitors to complete triangles by visiting 3 controls linked by their Code Number.

6 Triangles shall be used with some additional controls for the Long Course.

Triangle 1 = 31 - 41 - 51.

Triangle 2 = 32 - 42 - 52.

Triangle 3 = 33 - 43 - 53.

Triangle 4 = 34 - 44 - 54.

Triangle 5 = 35 - 45 - 55.

Triangle 6 = 36 - 46 - 56.

For the Short Course competitors just need to visit all controls in use in any order on the East side of the Park.

For the Medium Course competitors need to visit all 6 Triangles in any order BUT if the 3rd corner is “a 30” then the next Triangle must begin with either “a 40” or “a 50” ; if the 3rd corner is “a 40” then the next Triangle must begin with either ” a 30” or “a 50” or if your 3rd corner is “a 50” then the next Triangle must begin with “a 30” or “a 40”.

For the Long Course competitors need to visit an extra control which is located approximately in the centre of each triangle - Triangle 1 this is “61” ; Triangle 2 this is “62” then “63”, “64” , “65” & “66” before they can visit the 3 points of the linked Triangle. Triangles can be visited in any order.

01st Sep 16

Map of Drumpellier Country Park Map

STAG Autumn 3 - Drumpellier CP - Thurs 25th Aug-Event No.548, Results

Pleasant evening & thanks for your support.

Thanks to John for planning/organising ; Blair, Ida, Meghan, Peter & Rebekah for helping bring in controls.

Hope to see you next week at Kelvingrove for “TRIO”.

25th Aug 16

Resident of Springburn Park

STAG Autumn 2 - Thurs 18th Aug - Event No.547-Springburn Park - DUO, Results

Thanks to Ida, Gerry, Rafaela, John McK & John R for all their help.
Results now available. The Autodownload programme for SCORE Events will not show Controls more than once so the second “60” on the Long does not appear on html file.

Please note that Control 32 is a Snow Leopard & not a Tiger or even a Bear.

Please note that the Autodownload Programme is not clever enough to check the “79” totals so this has been done manually.

Thanks for your support. Please pop your name etc onto “O” Entries if you hope to come along to Drumpellier CP next Thursday.

18th Aug 16

STAG Autumn 1- Thurs 11th Aug - Greenhead Moss - Event No.546, Results

Thank-you for your support. Results are now sorted as explained below.

11th Aug 16

TOB goes a wandering :)

Purple Thistle 2016 - Biten, Battered & Bruised but STAG have a cracking weekend !!

Joined by Gerry, Jim, Lizzy, Peter & Rafaela (& Ian), Team STAG ventured to the NW of Scotland to the mega challenge which is Balmacara (& The Plock !).

Full story coming soon.

01st Aug 16

Wow !

Andy The Iceman Returns Victorious !!!

In June STAG’s Mr.Explorer, the one & only Andy Heald ventured up north not to prepare the Iceland Football Team for Euro 2016 but to take part in the OMM Iceland style.
Like our own KIMM / OMM this involved an overnight camp in the middle of nowhere having successfully navigated ones way through the magical terrain.

Word has now reached HQ that accompanied by his brother in law, the bold Andy won the Veteran Class.

STAG send our congratulations & if there are any photos available I shall add them to this report plus any further info from Andy.

17th Jul 16

STAG / CLYDE / GUOC / USOC Spring Series 2016

Full results can be downloaded below.

On behalf of STAG sincere thank-you to everyone who assisted with the planning - Gerry, Jim & John. Registration a GT production every week. Collecting in controls - Alastair, Blair, Gerry, Ian, Jim, John, Patrick & Simon.

11th Jun 16

Map of Cumbernauld House, Crow & Dunns Woods Map

STAG/CLYDE Evening Event 11 - Cumbernauld Park - 9th June- Event No.545, Results

That’s all folks !!

Thanks to John for planning ; Gerry for Registration ; Simon , Blair & myself for bringing in controls & Andy P for donating the Trophies.

09th Jun 16

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Although we may be numerically small, we do a phenomenal (no sponsorship in the air I’m afraid!) amount of events & continue to pioneer how Orienteering can be embraced throughout education.

In 2016 we shall continue to liaise with Glasgow City Council Environmental Services to upgrade our permanent courses within the City ; Review the usefulness or otherwise of using Sports Centres to sell map packs ; Complete our 1st Dark Park Series with Trophies on offer ; Offer 4 Score Events with our innovative Bonus Points system ;  3 “Serious Training Opportunities (February) on Saturday mornings & several Coaching Sessions throughout the City again on Saturdays in March , April & May.

STAG is not involved in any SOLs or events of similar level in 2016.

Formed in 1982, we continue to provide new & innovative ideas to stimulate local and Scottish Orienteering.

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