Next Event: STAG Autumn Series 3 - Tollcross Park - Thursday 3rd Sept - No.520

Back we go east to Tollcross Park where it all began way, way back in 1980 !

New ISSOM map by Stirling Surveys @ 1:5000 makes its debut.

To maximise the area the format for Medium & Long shall be the fabulously confusing Numerical Triangles ! For example Controls 31-41-51 make Triangle 1 ; so 35 - 45 - 55 makes Triangle 5 and so on.

Medium complete 4 Triangles of choice & Long 7 Triangles but there needs to be an additional challenge doesn’t there !! The sting in the tail for the Long course is that if the third “corner” of your triangle is eg a “30” the next Triangle needs to begin with either a “40” or a “50” all the way through the 7 Triangles :)

Short course shall have a standard course with controls 31 > 37 to be visited in numerical sequence.

03rd Sep 15

Map of Cathkin Braes Country Park Map

STAG’s 17th Glasgow Parks Champs - Sun 30th August 2015 - Events 517, 518 & 519., Results

For many this has been the best GPC to date. There is no doubt the fine, warm weather helped enormously.


30th Aug 15

Map of Glasgow Green Map

STAG Autumn 2 -Thurs 27th Aug 2015 - Glasgow Green & City Centre South -No.516, Results

What a pleasant evening and I am told there were a few interesting things going on throughout the City Centre !

Thanks to Gerry, Jim & Alastair for helping bring in controls. Will you be back here on Sunday ? All shall be revealed at 10pm to-night here on this channel.

27th Aug 15

Map of Kelvingrove Park Map

STAG Autumn Series Evening 1 - Thurs 20th Aug - Kelvingrove Park - No.515, Results

Thanks for your support & to Simon Beckett for helping me bring in controls. With a wee bit of luck I have managed to salvage results although still dont know why the printer was printing what it did.
Remember Glasgow Parks Champs on Sunday 30th August - you need to enter on line.

* Geoffrey some of your splits didnt register so I have edited your times on 3 or 4 splits as they were blank.

Please also note that as the Start & Finish Units came from STAG’s New Si Kit these were not synchronised with all the other units so the last split is a bit ficticious for many :)

20th Aug 15

What’s It Called? Orienteering In Cumbernauld. 31 Oct & 1 Nov 2015 - 3 Events

Plans are progressing well in the hosting of STAG’s Cumbernauld Project - 2 events on Saturday 31st October & 1 on Sunday 1st November 2015. All maps by Stirling Surveys. Urban Maps Scale 4000 & Glencryan Map 7500 - being resurveyed October 2015.

13th Aug 15

17th Glasgow Parks Championships-Sunday 30th August 2015- BE THERE!!

For the past 16 years, this wonderful event has graced the first Sunday in December but this year, in response to a request from TAYSIDE ORIENTEERS, we have moved to Sunday 30th August 2015.

22nd Jul 15

Map of Drumpellier Country Park Map

STAG/CLYDE Spring Series 9 - Drumpellier CP - Thurs 18th June 2015, Results

Thank-you for supporting STAG’s final event pre Highland 2015 & WOC.
Unfortunately there was a problem with the DOWNLOAD box which didn’t work as it should but we can publish basic results just now.
Sadly we cannot obtain splits & the box has been returned to SPORTIDENT to fix the malfunction.

18th Jun 15

Map of Cathkin Braes Country Park Map

STAG/CLYDE Spring Series 7 - Cathkin Braes CP - Thurs 4th June 2015, Results

Think this gets the most beautiful evening of the year reward !!! Thanks to Gerry for his help.
Next Thursday - CLYDE @ Mugdock + BBQ (Bring your own food to cook)
Thurs 18th - Drumpellier CP - Final event in the Series hosted by ourselves

04th Jun 15

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In 1982, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) was formed in the East End of Glasgow with the primary purpose of making Orienteering a more accessible activity.
By producing maps & hosting events, setting up permanent facilities & facilitating schools’ involvement we continue to promote Orienteering as a
Sport For All & a Sport For Life.

Although we may be numerically small, we do a phenomenal (no sponsorship in the air I’m afraid!) amount of events & continue to pioneer how Orienteering can be embraced throughout education.

In August 2015 following the hosting of The World Championships & Highland 2015 we shall be hosting a series of Thursday evening events. However the main highlight of the early Autumn will be the 17th Glasgow Parks Championships - 3 Parks in 1 Day now timetabled for Sunday 31st August 2015.

This then leaves the Project entitled “What’s It Called ? CUMBERNAULD X 3 ” to be held over the weekend of Saturday 31st October / Sunday 1st November. This will involve 3 disciplines a SPRINT ; a MIDDLE-DISTANCE & a FULL URBAN, the last 2 are part of the 2015 SOUL Series.

A series of Night events are also planned from November >> February 2016.

Formed in 1982, we continue to provide new & innovative ideas to stimulate local and Scottish Orienteering.

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