Next Event: STAG/CLYDE Evening Event 9 - Northside Woods,Cumbernauld - 26th May 2016 - Event No.544

Northside Woods, Cumbernauld

26th May 16

STAG News Update 13th May 2016

Brief update of what is ongoing with the Club

13th May 16

Map of Drumpellier Country Park Map

STAG/CLYDE Evening Event 7- Drumpellier CP- 12th May 2016- Event No.543, Results

What a glorious evening once again.

Sadly Unit “58” was torn off by vandals & it may be at the bottom of Lochend Loch (the Big Puddle isn’t Drumpellier Loch).

Thanks to Gerry for planning & registration / results ; To John, Alastair & myself for bringing in controls.

There was a mess up with Simon’s splits as it appears his finger was cleared rather than downloaded. What I don’t get is how he still managed to get splits for the last 2 controls. I used Callum’s splits as a guide.

12th May 16

Map of Pollok Country Park Map

STAG’s World Orienteering Day Event - Wed 11th May 2016 - Pollok CP- No.542, Results

Thanks for coming along on a beautiful evening.

Thanks to Gerry for all his help. Results now available.

11th May 16

Map of Linn Park Map

STAG/CLYDE Evening 5 - Linn Park- 28th April 2016 - Event No.541, Results

Thanks for your support & apologies for the wee delay with the starts. With Jim finishing work at 4:30pm it was always going to be a tight one.
My apologies for the bits of the map (southern part) which had obviously not been surveyed when the original map was produced in 2002. Jim & I discovered the wee path & noticed a boulder on the southern side as we walked along the northern side of the ditch earlier this month. We didn’t notice the other boulders where the actual control was put.

Our Sincere thanks to Gerry & Lorna for Registration & Download ; to Blair, John, Gerry & Simon for helping bring in the SI boxes in an unusual way :) & Jim for planning the courses.

28th Apr 16

Map of Pollok Country Park Map

STAG/CLYDE Evening Event 3 - Pollok CP - Thurs 14th April 2016- hosted by USOC, Results

Craig, Callum & the University of Strathclyde Orienteering Club successfully hosted the 3rd event in the Series.

14th Apr 16

Map of Cathkin Braes Country Park Map

STAG/CLYDE Evening 1 - Thurs 31 March 16 - Cathkin Braes Country Park - No.540., Results

What a brilliant turn out on a superb evening. My thanks to Gerry, Blair, Eva, Peter, Jim, John & Alastair for helping clear the area; to Ceri for her most welcome cuppa & to yourselves for coming along.

Sorry for slight delay but the SI system had to be reset. The default runs from 8am for 12 hours so when competitors finish after 8pm they do not appear on results. Having reset default to 9am everyone is accounted for.

31st Mar 16

New STAG Kit makes its debut at JK 2016

4 STAG members ventured south to JK 2016 in Yorkshire - Lizzy W21L ; Pat W65S; Dave M50L & moi M55S.

Sadly no trophies were brought home but former STAG members Blair Young won M55S & Pauline McAdam finished 5th in W60L.

Sadly I am currently unable to publish the picture of our Relay Team as I need to amend its size.

29th Mar 16

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In 1982, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) was formed in the East End of Glasgow with the primary purpose of making Orienteering a more accessible activity.
By producing maps & hosting events, setting up permanent facilities & facilitating schools’ involvement we continue to promote Orienteering as a
Sport For All & a Sport For Life.

Although we may be numerically small, we do a phenomenal (no sponsorship in the air I’m afraid!) amount of events & continue to pioneer how Orienteering can be embraced throughout education.

In 2016 we shall continue to liaise with Glasgow City Council Environmental Services to upgrade our permanent courses within the City ; Review the usefulness or otherwise of using Sports Centres to sell map packs ; Complete our 1st Dark Park Series with Trophies on offer ; Offer 4 Score Events with our innovative Bonus Points system ;  3 “Serious Training Opportunities (February) on Saturday mornings & several Coaching Sessions throughout the City again on Saturdays in March , April & May.

STAG is not involved in any SOLs or events of similar level in 2016.

Formed in 1982, we continue to provide new & innovative ideas to stimulate local and Scottish Orienteering.

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