Next Event: STAG Dark Park 2 - Thurs 3rd Dec 2015 - Bellahouston Park - Event No.527.

Parking @ Art Lovers Car Park. 19 pre-entries . 20 maps being printed. Only 1 map still available at 7.30pm Tuesday.

03rd Dec 15

STAG Dark Park Series 2015/2016 - League Tables

Class & Club scores are shown below.

Please note that from Event 2 onwards the Bonus Points system is changing. On all Classes no longer shall points be awarded for having visited all your controls in under your time limit - the bonus was +10pts for every complete second under your time limit. Instead if you manage to visit all 15 controls & still have time remaining you can revisit controls again(once only) but the 15th control cannot be revisited as your 16th control. Penalty points of 10pts per second for being overtime still apply.

27th Nov 15

Map of Dawsholm Park Map

STAG Dark Park 1 - Thurs 26th November 2015 - Dawsholm Park - Event No.526., Results

Thanks to the 20 hardy souls who braved a wet evening. Results shown but a further “Article” shall emerge on the STAG website showing League Points. If you scored 6,000 you have still to receive Bonus Points

This season the format of each race shall take the form of “SCORE ORIENTEERING” with time zones of 25 , 30 & 35 minutes allowed based on your silky night orienteering skills & previous track record.

Experienced competitors receive the shortest time window.

15 controls in total - 5 worth 300pts each i.e. The 30s ; 5 worth 400pts each i.e. The 40s & 5 controls worth 500pts each i.e. The 50s. Penalties of -10 pts for every second over time. Bonus points of +10 points if under time & all controls visited.
All controls gives a possible score of at least 6,000 points.
Maps available on arrival so you have time to plan your route but everyone must start before 7pm.
3 races pre-Christmas & 7 in early 2016.

Minimum of 6 email entries required by 10pm on Monday 23rd November for event to go ahead.

26th Nov 15

STAG Cumbernauld 2015 Thank-yous & Reports

Full Reports below. Thank-you for your support.

02nd Nov 15

STAG Cumbernauld Project 2015 Provisional Accounts

Provisional Accounts from the Weekend indicate a small loss. However these accounts do not make any copyright charge for the use of STAG map normally £1 per map & having invested £3000 in the £6000 cost of the Cumbernauld map itself this is disappointing.

Entry fees were set at a reasonable rate but with a slightly less than expected entry the income generated didn’t cover the expenses incurred.

For your information every event needs to pay a BOF Levy irrespective of the entry fee i.e. £1 Seniors & 30p Juniors. SOA Levy is similar if the set Entry Fee exceeds £8 which it didn’t so no SOA Levy to pay.

Total Income from “O” Entries £1,986.55 + Entry On Day £98.00 = £ 2084.55.

ExpenditureSchool Use                                   £ 368.30
First Aid Cover                                 £ 244.80
GUOC Donation                               £ 100.00
USOC Donation                               £ 100.00
Stirling Surveys Map Production* & Printing     £ 842.01 (Sprint £192.65; Middle £129.23 & Urban £220.13)
BOF Levies                                     £ 288.20
Race Numbers                                 £  72.00
“O” Entries Fee                                 £ 106.45

Sub Total                                       £2,121.76

* Includes £250 Glencryan vegetation resurvey & 3 x £50 for Cumbernauld Map Layouts.

Resulting in a loss of £35.21. None of the Main Officials claimed any expenses.

02nd Nov 15

STAG Bto Urban SOUL 9 - Carbrain, Kildrum & Braehead - Sun 1st Nov 15 - Event No.525., Results

Final leg of the trilogy was successfully delivered to-day & the vast majority of competitors left after a positive experience.

Thank-you for your ongoing support.

01st Nov 15

STAG Middle Race - Glencryan, Cumbernauld. Saturday pm 31st October 2015 - Event No.524, Results

2nd leg of the trilogy. Entries now open at O Entries

31st Oct 15

STAG Sprint - Kildrum Estate, Cumbernauld. Sat 31st October 2015 - Event No.523, Results

Summary of final details for all 3 events now available, information for Parents of Course 6 & 7 entrants & layout map now available to read / download.
Updated 27 October 2015

Start times & course lengths are shown on “O” Entries

31st Oct 15

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In 1982, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) was formed in the East End of Glasgow with the primary purpose of making Orienteering a more accessible activity.
By producing maps & hosting events, setting up permanent facilities & facilitating schools’ involvement we continue to promote Orienteering as a
Sport For All & a Sport For Life.

Although we may be numerically small, we do a phenomenal (no sponsorship in the air I’m afraid!) amount of events & continue to pioneer how Orienteering can be embraced throughout education.

In August 2015 following the hosting of The World Championships & Highland 2015 we shall be hosting a series of Thursday evening events. However the main highlight of the early Autumn will be the 17th Glasgow Parks Championships - 3 Parks in 1 Day now timetabled for Sunday 31st August 2015.

This then leaves the Project entitled “What’s It Called ? CUMBERNAULD X 3 ” to be held over the weekend of Saturday 31st October / Sunday 1st November. This will involve 3 disciplines a SPRINT ; a MIDDLE-DISTANCE & a FULL URBAN, the last 2 are part of the 2015 SOUL Series.

A series of Night events are also planned from November >> February 2016.

Formed in 1982, we continue to provide new & innovative ideas to stimulate local and Scottish Orienteering.

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