Linn Park map

426 Linn 15 July2020 TOB Georef

426 Linn 15 July2020 TOB Georef


Parkland split by the White Cart Water adjacent to Linn Park Golf Course. Glasgow’s 2nd largest park was mapped in the mid 1980s and features regularly in STAG’s programme of events.

There is a permanent orienteering course here.

SMARTPHONE Courses available.

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SMARTPHONE Courses available.

Park History:

Originally part of Hagtonhill which belonged to the Maxwells of Pollok and sold in 1820.

Acquired by the City in 1919.

Cathcart Castle dates back to the times of Sir William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce.

Quiet woodland habitat for a variety of wildlife including Britain’s smallest bat, the pipistrelle, which hibernate in the Old Mansion House.

Over 200 species of fungi have been found within the park.

Play areas and Junior Nature Reserve.

Equestrian Centre.

Golf Course currently closed- not sure if it shall reopen or not.