Springburn Park map




The area was mapped in the mid 1980s as a STAG Junior Project and was included in the first Glasgow Parks Summer Series in 1989. Another small park but with a variety of terrain it offers a good challenge.

There is a permanent orienteering course here.

SMARTPHONE Courses available Spring 2021.

The 10 controls will take about 30 minutes to walk round.

Springburn Park - Post 10 missing & 2 others are rotted/snapped. 4 sites to be relocated to permanent/painted markers. 90% in place. Start to be relocated to west most gate on Broomfield Road.

Contact established with 'Friends of Springburn Park' Group.

Park History:

Acquired in 1896.

Highest point is 351 feet above sea level.

Magnificient Rockery near Balgrayhill Rd. entrance.

Former Winter Gardens on site.

3 ponds which attract a variety of wildlife.

Peace Garden dedicated to the late Lord Provost, Bob Innes.

Springburn Elderly Mens Club building.

Bowling greens and play area.