SoSOL 2 - No.644Drumpellier CP, CoatbridgeSun 17 February, 2019

Regional level event

Explanation of Event levels

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Activities are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.



Organiser's Comments - John McKendrick

Many thanks for your support & to all the STAG members, NLC Leisure Staff especially Hannah) & friends who made my day so straight forward. The wee hiccup with Robin Strain's car just goes to reinforce that some form of back-up system is a necessity.

Planner's Comments - Arnis Saltums

To follow

Provisional Accounts

Income - £1000.00

Expenditure - Hire of Hall £100.00 ; BOF Levy £163.50 ; Map royalty £200.00 ; Map & CD printing £150.00 ; Expenses £ 50.00 {£663.50}

Resulting in a surplus of £336.50 which will be reinvested in our sport & help contribute to the cost of Sportident/Autodownload license due for renewal this Autumn. In 2014 this licence cost in excess of £700.00.

Controller's Report - Terry O'Brien

My apologies for not discovering the printing error before the event. The Blue Course had 2 parts but on some maps Part 1 had been replaced by a Master Controls Map. Thankfully Arnis used some lateral thinking & was able to improvise & save the day. I had checked the quantities & flicked through the maps but a lesson learned.

Having planned the 3rd Leg of the 20th GPC back in December I had no fears about Arnis' planning. He decided that he wanted to create 2 'pits' & these were dug out on Saturday 9th & their size was dictated by the rock bed we discovered.

Location Info

Near: Coatbridge
Lat,Lng: 55.86826,-4.05226
OS Grid Ref: NS717657
Postcode: ML5

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GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
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Pre Event Info

South of Scotland Orienteering League Event 2 for 2019.

Registration opens at 10:15am > 11:45am for VERY LIMITED Entry On Day.

If you are happy to use a recycled map please come along.

Start times 10:30am > 12:29pm.

Start & Finish both within 400m of HQ.

Directions / Parking

Car Park of St.Ambrose High School, Coatbridge.

Map / Terrain

Map updated February 2019 by Terry. Map scale 1:10,000 with 5m contours.

The recent cold weather has tamed the brambles so running conditions in the terrain are very good.

Registration and Start times

Registration from 10:15am within Townhead Community Centre.

Course Information

Full Range of Colour Coded Courses.

Provisional Course Lengths

White 2.36k ; 10m climb ; Yellow 2.63k ; 15m climb ; Orange 3.35k ; 25m climb ; Light Green 3.8k ; 35m climb ; Short Green 4.24k ; 50m ; Green 5.2k ; 70m climb ; Blue 7.1k ; 80m climb & Brown 9.4k ; 90m climb.

Entry Details

Pre-enter here. Organiser - John McKendrick. Planner - Arnis Saltums. Controller - Terry O'Brien - all STAG.

Registration on day from 10:15am > 11:45am.

Start Times from 10:30am > 12:29pm. Start times shall not be issued.

Dog restrictions

Dogs on leads at all times but not allowed into building.


Easy access from M8 & M73. Parking & HQ at St. Ambrose High School Campus within the SE corner of Drumpellier Country Park. Current work to develop the Drumpellier Visitors Centre & resurface their main car park shall require orienteers on the longer courses to observe marked Out of Bounds Areas.

2 Swans A Skating