STAG SOUL - No.731.GirvanSat 25 September, 2021

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Reports on STAG SOUL 25th September 2021

Organiser's Comments - Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg

Our Girvan SOUL proved a great success. Thank-you to those competitors who travelled the length and breadth of Scotland to attend and those who contributed as listed below

Terry, Colin and Marta who were respectively our controller, planner and Covid Officer.

Gerry for manufacturing STAG's new set of cables.

Rudi for manning the road crossing.

Jo and Maz for post event catering for Team STAG.

Robin and Sheila Strain for SI support.

Alison, Ross, Velina, Marta, John and Paul C. for collecting in controls.

A4 Design and print for coping with the complicated printing demands.

AdvertisignDirect for social media flyer and momentoes.

SI Entries for pre-entry system and support.

The weather for being so wonderful although perhaps a bit hot for some.

It all came together once again due to support from so many both in STAG and outwith STAG.

Once again many thanks.


Planner's Comments - Colin Brash

Terry asked me a while back if I'd plan the Girvan SOUL. I hadn't planned any orienteering races before so my home town was a good place to start.

Three areas in the town - Glendoune (south), Motehill (central) and the railway station/bowling club (north) were the most interesting places to site controls.

Sites were checked and taped about a month before the race and we were happy with what we found.

With the control sites listed, I set about planning the courses but unfortunately my laptop seemed to dislike the Condes software and I had problems planning so had to revert to doing it manually using a marked draft map while Terry logged the information onto his laptop and prepared the Condes template.

Many thanks for the kind comments I received on race day from orienteers who had ran my courses. I'd also like to thank Terry and Jo for their support and our team of control collectors. Everything was all tidied up by 3:30pm and we all relaxed with a STAG lunch (no venison allowed) on Stair Park prepared by Jo and Maz.


Controller's Comments - Terry O'Brien BEM

On what proved an emotional experience for myself, yet another successful STAG project came to fruition thanks to the ethos which permeates our Club.

The Girvan project was muted back in 2018 and with my family link to Girvan and Colin being resident it seemed viable if we had a map.

So with assistance from now retired Colin Matheson both Lidar and Greenspace data was obtained and I set to work on producing a map. Professional sprint maps of areas such as Girvan are unaffordable for most Clubs.

Due to a family bereavement and Covid restrictions things went on a back burner but towards the end of 2020 my enthusiasm was rekindling and I set about confirming officials and getting back to drawing the map. Google streetview is helpful some of the time but not all of the time.

Complications arose and a game of 'Musical Officials' began so many thanks to Fredrik for taking on the role of Organiser which then allowed me to shuffle across to be the Controller.

Being an amateur mapper has its drawbacks particularly when my 'helpline' @ Stirling Surveys for both mapping and printing advice is not as easily accessible as it once was but we got there in the end.

As is the norm STAG publish accounts after our bigger events and it still seems strange why no other club is prepared to do likewise - see table below.

Girvan SOUL AccountsIncomeExpenditure
SI Entries£705.00
SI admin fee£44.12
SIAC Hire£5.00
BOF Levy £1.50 / 50p£82.50
SOA Levy £1 / 40p£51.60
Map printing£194.00
50% Social Media Flyer*£20.00
50% Momentoes*£75.00
Cost of New Security Cables£103.00
Map Royalty £1.00 per map used£54.00
Contribution to Mapping Travel Expenses/Fuel - 600 miles £60.00
Other expense claims from Officials£000.00
Income - Expenditure =£15.78

* 50% costs paid by AYROC

Location Info

Near: Girvan
Lat,Lng: 55.23906,-4.85936
Postcode: KA26 9AN

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Pre Event Info

Girvan and Ailsa Craig

WE do what WE do as it is GOOD for US and GOOD for YOU!

Girvan is situated on the Ayrshire coast, 56 miles south of Glasgow.

STAG invite you to join us for our 2021 SOUL. Located at the SW end of the Southern Upland Boundary Fault with the impressive Ailsa Craig (volcanic plug) 10 miles off shore, Girvan is the home of STAG’s Colin Brash (planner) and was the O’Brien Family Holiday destination in the 1970/80s. A great day out is guaranteed ending with an obligatory fish supper.

Start Times from 1pm as required. Based around the Stair Park with parking adjacent on Henrietta Street. No indoor facilities. Public toilets available at ‘The Bridges’ and ‘Harbour’ Car Parks as you drive through the town on A77.

New Area and Map. Surveyed and drawn by Terry to ISSprOM 2019 4000 specification. Surveyed July/Aug/Sept 2021.

Minimal climb. Nice mix of various housing types including Glendoune Estate with lanes and alleys to catch out the careless :)

WE do what WE do as it is GOOD for US and GOOD for YOU!

Travel options from Glasgow City Centre - check timetables

By Train
From Glasgow Central Station but these do not appear to be suitable for this event.

Travel - By Bus

X77 (Bus 358) via Ayr. Hourly service. Approx 2hrs 30 mins.

Travel - By Car - M77 > A77
Park adjacent to Stair Park on Henrietta Street or Duncan Street. Just over an hour.

Directions / Parking

Adjacent to Stair Park.

Map / Terrain

Produced by Terry in 2021 to ISSprOM 2019 4000 spec.

Registration and Start times

From 1pm > 2:30pm.

Course Information

As per SOUL guidelines.

Entry Details

Entries are now closed.

Listed below are the maps which are still available and can be reserved by emailing . The SI portal shall then be reopened for a short time period to allow formal entry to be made.

No.Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4Course 5Course 6Course 7
ClassesOpen Men
Open 1
Veteran Men
Open Women
Open 2
Super Vet Men
Veteran Women
Open 3
Ultra Vet Men
Hyper Vet Men
Super Vet Women
Open 4
Ultra Vet Women
Hyper Vet Women
Open 5
JM 16-
JW 16-
Open 6
JM 12-
Open 7

Dog restrictions

Well-behaved dogs on a lead welcome.


Organiser - Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg STAG.

Planner - Colin Brash STAG.

Covid Officer - Marta Szydlowska STAG.

IT support - Robin and Sheila Strain ELO

Controller - Terry O'Brien BEM STAG.

Control Descriptions

Girvan C Ds C123

Girvan C Ds C4567

Final Details

STAG Girvan SOUL Final details v1 18 Sept21

click/tap photos for a larger version

View to Monument and Byne Hill

View to Monument and Byne Hill
Credit: Colin Brash

Start Lanes

Start Lanes
Credit: Colin Brash

Rosie approaching Control 57

Rosie approaching Control 57
Credit: Colin Brash

Girvan SOUL Start

Girvan SOUL Start
Credit: Colin