STAG's 2022 SCORE+ Series

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Grenhead Moss > Strathclyde CP > Grandtully or Faskally.

Course information

The format for SCORE is where you decide the order and the weighting on controls is based on location and technical difficulty.
have a time limit to worry about.

For 2021 we are adding in the option of 'Score Twist' which basically means that on the day there shall be the option of doing the 60 minute Score but with a condition attached be that e.g. visit all the Odds before the Evens etc. This shall be revealed on the day at Registration but the idea is to try and really challenge those who can collect all the controls in well under the 60 minutes to think a bit more and to work a bit harder.

60 minute SCORE - 25 Controls weighted 5 @ 300pts ; 5 @ 400pts ; 5 @ 500pts ; 5 @ 600pts ; 5 @ 700pts.

The format for Yellow, Orange & Light Green Courses is CROSS COUNTRY i.e. You are instructed which controls you have to visit & in a set order.

Penalties for being late are 10 points off your score for every second over your chosen time limit.

Light Green Course - Technically challenging. Likely to be between 3k > 4k. Will use a selection of the 25 Controls listed above.

Orange Course - Technically requires the use of handrails* to navigate but allows corners to be cut. Control sites adjacent to line features. Will use a selection of the “30s”, “40s” & “50s” Control sites from above.

Yellow Course - Technically easy. Requires use of handrails as Orange but Control sites will be on the handrail itself.

* Handrails are linear features which make up the skeleton of a map - park roads, fences, walls, ditches, streams etc.

Entry Details

Pre-enter by 1st closing date - Senior Members £10. Juniors £5.

Pre-enter by 2nd closing date - Senior Members £11. Juniors £5.

Entry on Day is unlikely to be offered.

Non Senior Members add £2 supplement.

Registration and start times

From 10:45am > 11:15am. SCORE MASS Start @ 11:30am.

Colour Coded Courses start anytime between 11:35am and 11:59am.

Map Details

Updated by Terry in the month prior to the event.

Events in this series