STAG Score 1+ No.745.Greenhead MossSun 09 January, 2022

Local level event

Explanation of Event levels

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Activities are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.



Thanks to everyone involved to-day.

STAG Core - Terry, Gerry, John McK and Andy.

Control Collectors - Andy, Fredrik, Glyn, Jo, John N., Phil, Rudi and Ross.

Well done to James Hammond (FVO) who completed the STAG Twist Course in an amazing 59m51s with STAG's own Rudi just under 3 minutes behind.

At the end, in conversation my wee brain remembered that the numbers on the bar scale are set for a 1:10,000 scale. I did spot this during lockdown but it completely passed me by. This was confirmed when I asked Pat Blashill (Stirling Surveys) who produced the map way back in around 2014 - caused by the common time saving process of 'Copy and Paste.'

Thanks again for your support. Score 2+ is definitely going ahead even though entries just now stand at 21.

Score 3+ @ Faskally will only be cancelled if the weather over that weekend 29/30 January prevents travel from Glasgow early on the Sunday morning - 6 entries so far.

The delay in results processing was caused by confusion with old (2019) Si Numbers and new ones which had to be sourced/edited.

Your support is much appreciated.

Kind regards


Location Info

Near: Newmains
Lat,Lng: 55.78056,-3.88041

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Pre Event Info

This event was first scheduled for early 2021. Those who pre-entered shall be emailed in December 2021 before entries reopen on SI Entries.

Directions / Parking

It is a 1km walk from Parking/Registration/Download in Newmains to the Start/Finish in Cambusnethan's Memorial Park. This route is shown on your map and is not taped on the ground. Where you turn left onto East Gate there is a HUGE Road Sign - ' Greenhead Moss Community Nature Park' on the northern side of Cambusnethan Street indicating the area. Enter East Gate and follow for 150m then turn right into The small Memorial Park.

Parking is adjacent to Newmains Primary School with access from School Road. On passing Shell Garage on your left, turn right into School Road. An 'O' Flag will be placed at this road junction.

Map / Terrain

1:7,500 5m contours. Surveyed 2020.

Registration and Start times

Updated Saturday 8th January 2022 @ 5pm

STAG’s popular SCORE+ Events return in 2022 with a bigger twist (the+) for those who just don’t like the challenge that thinking too much can bring or can’t sustain concentration for 60 minutes and for those ‘Superstars’ who need a more demanding challenge.

Personal Safety @ Greenhead Moss - please dress appropriately for weather conditions. Forecast is showery with temperature just above freezing level.

We are complying with the required Covid-19 restrictions and ask that you come and enjoy your orienteering but then leave as soon as possible. Competitors need to retain responsibility for their own car keys.

With the Start / Finish being where they are, we require all competitors to report to The Finish and DOWNLOAD at the Memorial Park before returning to parking.

To maintain the flow of competitors away from the event we shall not be issuing any splits print outs but hope to have results on our website by mid-afternoon.

*The area around Controls 61 and 62 is in the process of being reclaimed by nature in so much that the adjacent land of uncrossable marsh has expanded and is too dangerous to access.

Consequently this area on your map is now hatched with thick red lines and should not be entered.

Controls 61 and 62 have now been relocated as explained below.

You will now find Control 61 on the same knoll as Control 63 and Control 62 in the same depression as Control 65. You should punch both.

The twist is 2 fold :

  1. Orange (1 entry) and Light Green (7 entries) options have now been printed as discrete courses with Control Descriptions on the map only.
  2. The Score Twist is 'Happy Families' !! This means that if the basic Score (approx 6km) is too short for your liking, then the Score Twist equates to around 9km. The Twist itself means that you need to visit all the controls within a family eg The 30s are a Family as are the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s before moving onto another Family. You can visit the Family Members within in any order you like and you also need to decide how to prioritise each Family. The loops for each Family increased from approx 1.3km > 2.5km but the problem with the 60s has reduced its length a fair bit. If you have completed 4 of the 5 families and say only manage 2 controls from your final family these individual points shall be credited to your final score.

The Map and Control Descriptions shall be distributed at the Registration Point (10:30am > 11am) to everyone so that those who wish can plan their strategy for Score or Score+.

The Start shall run from 11:15am > 11:45am with competitors , appropriately spaced waiting in line to be started at the discretion of the Start Official.

At this event, 25 controls shall be used. 5 x “30s” each worth 300pts; 5 x “40s” each worth 400pts; 5 x “50s” each worth 500pts; 5* x “60s” each worth 600pts and 5 x “70s” each worth 700pts.

The number in ” ” refers to the actual Code Number being used which shall only be shown on the SI Box.

Course Information

12,500 points is the maximum score possible.

Although Si Units are SIAC enabled, it is not a practical option to awaken the more remote ones on the Sunday morning so please make sure you 'dib' if required.

Entry Details

See Si Entries - here


There maybe toilets available at the local ASDA Superstore.

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