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Map Run phone app

Map Run phone app

Last Updated: Sat 21 Nov 2020

MapRunF is an app which allows you to use your smartphone to enjoy orienteering without needing to set up physical control points on the ground. There are now MapRunF courses set up all across Glasgow which you can go and run right now, with more new ones being added.

Using MapRunF, you can run an orienteering course using either the map on your phone screen or a paper version; the only difference from a “traditional” course is that there are no physical markers on the ground. Instead, the phone tracks your location as you run and vibrates or buzzes to confirm when you’ve reached each control point on the course.

Download the MapRunF app on Google Play or the App Store to your GPS-enabled smartphone. Note: There is also an older version of the app called just MapRun (without F) — for best results, use the MapRunF version.

Once you have downloaded the MapRunF app to your phone open the app and either select "Events Near Me" or "Select Event" and scroll down the list of folders to UK > Scotland > STAG.

You can download a PDF of the map so you can print it out and use that to navigate by rather than looking at your phone screen. See the table below for links to the PDFs.

More information on using MapRunF from the app developer

More information about other MapRunF courses across Scotland

As with other modern orienteering punching and timing systems, you can compare your times between controls and around the whole course with other runners, and with MapRun you can take part whenever you want.

Available courses

Courses in bold are part of the Maprun Series 2020.

Download PDF of map
DistanceTerrainCurrent results
Bellahouston Nov2020 Short1.6kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Bellahouston Nov2020 Medium3.1kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Bellahouston Nov2020 Long5.2kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Cathkin Braes Short11.9kmOpen land/woodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Cathkin Braes Medium13.2kmWoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Cathkin Braes Long15.5kmWoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Cuningar Orange 1 1.7km Park & WoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Cuningar Orange 2 1.7km Park & WoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Cuningar Yellow 1 1.2km ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Cuningar Yellow 2 1.6km ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Elder Park A1.3kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Elder Park B1.6kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Emirates Arena Orange 1 3.6km UrbanLeaderboard, Routes
Emirates Arena Orange 2 4.3km UrbanLeaderboard, Routes
Emirates Arena Short Orange 3 2.3km UrbanLeaderboard, Routes
Emirates Arena Oct 2020 Short2.1kmPark & UrbanLeaderboard, Routes
Emirates Arena Oct 2020 Medium3.9kmUrban & ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Emirates Arena Oct 2020 Long6.1kmUrban & ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Emirates Arena Red 1 10.6km Urban & ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Glasgow Green Nov2020 Short1.9kmPark
Glasgow Green Nov2020 Medium3.4kmPark & Urban
Glasgow Green Nov2020 Long5.5kmPark & UrbanLeaderboard, Routes
Glasgow Green Orange 1 3.5km Park & UrbanLeaderboard, Routes
Glasgow Green Orange 2 5.4km Park & UrbanLeaderboard, Routes
Glasgow Green Yellow 1 2.3km ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Kelvingrove Oct2020 Short1.5kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Kelvingrove Oct2020 Medium3.1kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Kelvingrove Oct2020 Long5.1kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Linn Park Sep2020 Short1.6kmWoodland & ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Linn Park Sep2020 Medium3.0kmPark & WoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Linn Park Sep2020 Long5.4kmWoodland & ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Pollok Aug 2020 Short1.8kmWoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Pollok Aug 2020 Medium3.2kmWoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Pollok Aug 2020 Long5.4kmWoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Queen’s Park Orange 1 3.4km Park & WoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Queen’s Park Orange 2 3.0km Park & WoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Queen’s Park Yellow 1 2.2km ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Queens Park July2020 Short1.4kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Queens Park July2020 Medium2.6kmPark & WoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Queens Park July2020 Long5.2kmPark & WoodlandLeaderboard, Routes
Tollcross Park Sep2020 Long5.0kmParkLeaderboard, Routes
Tollcross Orange 1 3.1km ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Tollcross Orange 2 3.0km ParkLeaderboard, Routes
Tollcross Yellow 1 1.7km ParkLeaderboard, Routes

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